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What is Naba Tabuk for Packaging?

Naba Tabuk for Packaging company is one of the companies specialized in the production of natural healthy drinking water. It was established in 1998 in the city of Tabuk and was the first company in the city of Tabuk.

The raw water used in the early stages of production is extracted from the best and finest ground wells in the city of Tabuk, where the depth of the well reaches the leg layer, 800 meters below the surface of the earth.

Naba works according to state-of-the-art production technologies and administrative methods in compliance with international specifications and standards. A group of the best scientific and practical experiences is supervising Our product to ensure the safety of our products and to ensure the health of customers and to gain their confidence in the products provided. The Company produces more than twelve different sizes suitable for all ages and occasions.

Member of Directors

Chairman and Founder: Mr. Fouad Al Ghorayed

Vice-Chairman of the Council: Mr. Rakan Fouad Al Ghorayed

Board Member: Mr. Turki Fouad Muhammad Al Ghorayed

Who is the Founder?

The founder is Mr. Fouad Al Ghorayed from the residents of Tabuk, a master's degree in science, business administration, and international marketing relations from Eastern Washington University, USA.

He held several positions in SABIC as a sales manager, regional manager for Middle East sales, and a member of the board of directors from 1986 to 1999.

He worked on the establishment of Naba Tabuk Company in 1998 AD and founded the group of companies of the Caravan Holding Group, He held many positions in the governmental and private sectors during the period between 2000 till now, in addition to being a general manager and chairman of the board of directors of Naba. Mr. Fouad Leads an ambitious professional team to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization.

Why Naba?


Naba Tabuk Company aspires to be a pioneer in the food beverage industry and to contribute to strong and lasting economic growth that supports the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in order to achieve the best returns for shareholders.


Naba Tabuk Company was established for the production, bottling, and marketing of the most important element in human life (drinking water)

Core Values